I've really enjoyed running science club this year, the children have been very enthusiastic and I hope will come away excited about science and keen to learn more.

I've always been fascinated by science (as the daughter of a research scientist and a science teacher that was probably inevitable) and began teaching a bit of science to Year 1s when I was still at sixth form.

At university I studied Natural Sciences and took part in a great program called STIMULUS where students spent some time each week helping to teach science in local schools - every Friday afternoon I used to run a mini science club at a local primary school, which was great fun.

My first job after graduating was as a research chemist at GlaxoSmithKline in Stevenage, where I worked for a few years before moving on to do various other science-related things (and quite a bit of web design). Since having children I have been tutoring science and maths in the evenings, but mostly to teenagers, so it is great to be helping at primary school again with such cheerful and animated kids!

Susie deBoeck